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Oh… I have plans.

Something’s been brewing in my mind since last year’s Shocktober.

I like to plan these well in advance usually so that everything runs smoothly in October. I tend to keep away from an actual theme, preferring to tinker with a list that I chop and change during the year. This is despite having started the festival as a themed event around sixteen years ago. But then in 2020, I had a lot of fun when I brought the theme element back and did The Universal Takeover (If you missed that, they’re all in the Shocktober Crypt.)

Now, I’m not planning another monthlong event with a new film review every single day in October – but it gave me an idea to do another themed one this year for the traditional 13 Screams of Halloween. So here we go – my big announcement.

Having covered all the old Universal monster movies, it struck me that I’ve never covered slasher films, other than review the handful that’ve been released theatrically lately. And as they seem to be making a bit of a comeback with Scream 5 and Freaky, I’m starting a yearlong celebration of classic slasher films. It’s true that most of these are set in the summer, so I’m calling it Summertime Slaughter. But in the eighties, it seemed there was a killer for just about every holiday on the calendar so the season will actually start on St Valentine’s Day, and will carry on until late August (hence Summertime Slaughter). I have chosen 25 films to cover during that period.

Then, we catch a breather in September before we kick off Shocktober 2022, dedicated to the Halloween franchise – every film, all 13 of them, culminating with the theatrical release of the final instalment, Halloween ends.

There will be a final flourish around Christmas to round the year off. A last stab, if you will.

How to make the ultimate slasher film – according to director Jay Baruchel

Then NEXT year – something BIG makes landfall, there’s a whole new year-long festival planned for 2023.

All this PLUS the usual film reviews and the Piercing the Veil podcasts.

Until then, stay low, stay sharp, stay safe. 

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