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What exactly IS a cult film?

Wikipedia tells is a cult movie is :

"...a movie that attracts a devoted group of followers or obsessive fans, despite having failed commercially on its initial release. The term also describes films that have remained popular over a long period of time amongst a small group of followers."

That’s as good an explanation as any, and a good starting point to kick off on. However, MY definition, for the purposes of this exercise, is any film I say it is. This is where I’ll be posting reviews of some the movies I find in the darker corners of Geek Central. This, naturally, is always going to be a work in progress as titles will be added. But I can promise there’ll be some films that are well known, others will be below the radar of most sane folk

All of them belong here.

My apologies - Cult Corner is being refurbished. It hasn't been added to for some time and needs some new content. Please call back again. It WILL return.

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