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Piercing the Veil Podcast
A Geek podcast, by the Geeks specifically FOR the Geeks. 

Stephen and Robin Pierce co-hosts

This is an idea I’d been kicking around and toying with for a couple of years, before deciding to take the plunge and actually do something about it and recruited my son Stephen to co-host.

I figured that seeing as all Steve and I talk movies, TV, comic books – basically all the good stuff – most of our waking hours when we’re within earshot of each other, there might be a little bit of entertainment value in just being let loose with a microphone. (Steve came up with the name - we do love a good pun.)

It’s a loosely structured (sometimes VERY loosely) free flowing chat. We’ll be covering all the geeks stuff, and we’ll have some regular features like Cult Classics – looking at old beloved films and The Killer “B”s where we’ll look at some films that are soooo bad, they’re works of comedic genius.

What you’ll get here is stories, news and views from a couple of opinionated bozos. What you WON’T get here is politics, sports or religion.

We invite your comments or suggestions on what to cover either at the podcast hosting site, or this site’s Facebook page. We’ll even give you a shoutout if you want. 

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