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The Powergirls

Don't you just love sneak previews...?

If you’ve been visiting this site for any appreciable length of time, of you read any of my articles in Starburst magazine - you cannot possibly have helped but notice the proliferation of superheroes in my choice of enterainment. Since I was six, I’ve been fascinated by the creations of DC and Marvel comics - be they on screen or on paper.

Superheroes are an exclusively American institution. Not many Australian costumed crime fighters out there, nor Chinese, Icelandic or African ones I can readily name. Sadly, the same is true of the UK. Okay, so we have Captain Britan, I guess - but he’s a Marvel Comics creation...and kind of a throwaway at best. Judge Dredd is the UK’s finest and most famous comic book character for sure -but he isn’t a superhero in the traditional sense - he’s a cop.

It looks like this sad oversight is being corrected - because salvation is on the way. Make way for Powergirls, a movie currently in production with a long standing friend of the site bringing on the villainy. Horror actress and model Dani Thompson will grace the screen as the awesomely named Miss Demeanor, and it’s thanks to Dani who gave me the heads up that I can bring you this scoop.

So, Powergirls - what can we expect? Here’s the official synopsis:

After street vigilante Kelly Keane aka Lynx wins a televised audition to become the latest member of THE POWERGIRLS, she finds them to be rather less than heroic; more obsessed with how they look and their popularity than actually saving lives. Their crafty manager, Ben Kline has created them to be the Spice Girls of the superhero world but when evil Miss Demeanor attacks London, the girls must work together and become the true superhero team everyone thinks they are.

I have to say, I’m liking the sound of this, it sounds to be in the vein of The Mystery Men - remember that?

Now, who exactly ARE the Powergirls - again, thanks to Dani, I have the full character rundown right here:

Jamie Jones aka SYREN

The socialite model with superpowers. She’s a celebrity in her own right and recently signed a lucrative contract to join The Powergirls. She tends to spend her time posing for the cameras rather than fighting crime.

Jamie seems to be rather narcissistic and arrogant, with a "Tony Stark" swagger. Everyone loves her; all the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her. But deep down she knows right from wrong and when the time calls for it she eventually shows that she’s prepared to make the biggest sacrifice to save millions of people.

Scarlett Summers aka RUSH

The super speedster who’s rather jealous of the attention that Syren gets. Scarlett can be rather hyperactive and also tends to worry and think too much into everything. This causes problems, not only with her teammates but also with her boyfriend, Paul who she’s constantly having to lie to in order to protect her secret identity.

Amanda Maddox aka SHADE

A conspiracy buff with a lot of martial arts skills. Her powers of invisibility make her a powerful detective but she gets frustrated by being seen as eye candy, as many of the Powergirls are.

Though no-one tends to believe her outlandish theories, she feels she has a duty to seek the truth wherever it may lead. Amanda is the quiet, brooding type and only engages in conversation when it’s essential. This may ostracize her from her team mates a little but it also gives her an air of mystery, which she revels in.

The shadows are her home and this is one lady you don’t want to see if you’re guilty!

Beth Brooks aka MAXI

Beth can be rather shy and works as the team’s assistant but when her heart rate rises she transforms into the huge hulking muscle bound Maxi.

Beth really struggles with relationships due to her heroic alter ego, she finds the whole thing rather embarrassing and tries to keep her secret hidden from Louie, the cute photographer who she starts dating.

Kelly Keane aka LYNX

Kelly, 23, is a young street vigilante who gets a shot at joining The Powergirls after getting fired from her day job and having nothing left to lose. But she worries she doesn’t have what it takes to make it with the big guns.

She’s a decent and naturally heroic person, always wanting to do the right thing. It frustrates her that these glamorous superheroes are more interested in looking good than actually saving lives. She’s a little fish, thrown in at the deep end and though she may be young and lacking in experience she more than makes up for it with heroism.

I don’t know about you guys - but this is beginning to have the sound of a cult classic, one that I definitely want to see. Moreso, when it’s revealed that director Rick Bush is himself a comic book superhero fan and knows his subject inside out.

Here’s an interview I can share:

1) Have you always been a fan of superhero movies?

Ever since I can remember I've been watching superheroes on TV, in cartoons and movies. My childhood was all about 1960s Batman and 1970s Spider-Man; looking back at them now they seem very silly but as a child you take them very seriously! I think a lot of my morals may actually come from reading comics and watching these superheroes in movies!

2) What is your favourite superhero type character?

My favourite characters are always the slightly different ones. I love Nightwing because he used to be Robin, and now grown up to be a hero in his own right, he constantly lives in the shadow of Batman. Another favourite of mine is Animal Man, purely because of Grant Morrison's writing during his run in the comics. He made this Z List superhero aware that he's just a comic book character; I'll never forget the moment I read the page when Animal Man looks out of the comic and says "I can see you!!" That kind of storytelling still sends shivers down my spine. If you haven't seen it, go seek it out!

3) How did you come up with the characters in Powergirls?

There's a lot of satire in the film and I created the characters to mirror certain archetypes of superheroes already well known to audiences. The Super Speedster, The Martial Artist, The Detective, The Monster and The Superman. But putting original characters into these roles was definitely the fun part as a writer. I very much liked the idea that these "heroes" were banded together to sell a product but even though their personalities clash they manage to become more than the some of their parts.

4) Who are your influences?

One of the big film making influences for me has been Robert Rodriguez; he's a filmmaker who has the ability to make something amazing from very little. It's pretty much the first thing any filmmaker learns but I love the way he questions traditional production techniques and finds his own way. There shouldn't be any set rules for making a film and even though I studied at The London Film School, I feel like I've grown my own film making techniques with an amazing production crew.

5) What are you looking forward to most about filming Powergirls?

As I write this we're just about to get the costumes created. They're all designed and have been in my head for a while now but that first moment when I'll see my incredible cast as their superhero characters in full costume... I can.. not.. wait! Oh, and the action scenes of course! Just because we're low budget, doesn't mean we're going to pussy out on the super powered fight scenes! It just takes a bit of creativity!

And I'd be totally remiss if I didn't finish off with a photo of the villainous Miss Demeanor - Dani Thompson.

So there we have it. A superhero movie from the UK that we can look forward to. Now, here’s where YOU come in - spread the word.

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